Tammy’s Leg & Bootie Challenge


This week I decided to challenge our readers with one of my very own workouts! Believe me, I never give out a workout plan unless it has been tried and tested by yours truly. On your mark, get set, GO!! (I would love feedback once you’ve tried it! I recommend this once a week if you are a beginner, twice if you’re stud(dette)!

Legs/bootie circuit

Super set
Step ups 20 each leg (with weight)
Walking lunges 20 each leg (with weight)
Stiff leg dead lifts right at end of walking lunges 20x
(repeat 4x through as little rest as possible)

Single leg lunge 20 each leg (one foot on the bench) holding dumbbells
Smith squats feet 10x, feet hip width apart 10x
Plié (sumo) 20x with dumbbell between legs
(repeat 4 times)

Calf raises x fatigue
Low back extensions x 20 (with weight) really squeeze hams and glutes
Cable kick backs 20 each leg (straight leg)
(repeat 4 times)

Burnout super sets (get at least 10 reps on each one)
Leg extensions x fatigue
Ham curls x fatigue
Leg press feet hip width x fatigue
Seated calves x fatigue

Weighted abs on bosu 5×20

DONE!!! :)



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About Tammy Streich

Tammy Streich, born and raised in small town USA, is a WBFF Pro, certified personal trainer, group fitness leader, fitness competitor, fitness model, founder and coach for Team Bling, Sweat, Heels, TeamGenetics, promotor for The WBFF... but first and foremost, a Wife & Mom.

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