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tammyTammy Streich
BS Exercise Science

Tammy Streich was born and raised in small town USA and is now a WBFF Pro, certified personal trainer, group fitness leader, fitness competitor, fitness model, founder and coach for Team Bling, Sweat, Heels, TeamGenetics…and (first and foremost) a Wife & Mom.

Tammy was very active and participated in several competitive school athletic programs including basketball, track, gymnastics, and cheerleader in both High School and College.

Tammy has been involved in the Fitness Field for over 20 years receiving a BS in Exercise Science with a minor in Marketing followed by a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant. She and her husband are small business owners of several Physical Therapy Clinics specializing in sports medicine rehab and orthopedic injuries.

Tammy has always had a love for fitness, but when her father suffered a stroke at the age of 42, she became more concerned with health, not just fitness. She truly has a passion for a healthy lifestyle, not just “working out” to look good. She has watched her dad struggle with his disability’s from his stroke for over 20 years now and it makes her appreciate having a strong, capable, fit, and healthy body. Tammy and her younger sister, are still the main caregivers for their father and they are also co-owners of their own personal training and nutrition company, UBeFit2. They enjoy helping others reach and excel in their own health/fitness goals. It has become a passion for them both after seeing such tragedy within their own family due to health issues.

Tammy began competing in Fitness Competitions her first year out of college. She missed the discipline and focus of competition and having a goal to strive towards. She had always used strength training to excel in sports, but really began working hard to change her physique. After several years of successfully competing in the Fitness category (fitness routine & physique) she decided to “retire” and focus on starting a family. This took many years, due to fertility issues, but she finally had her daughter at the age of 40. Tammy decided while she was pregnant to set the goal of stepping back on stage in a Bikini Model competition one year after delivery! 14 months later she was back on stage and earned her Pro card with The WBFF as a Fitness Diva Model.

Since receiving her Pro Status, Tammy has started her own fitness teams (Team BSH and TeamGenetics) of young women and men. She is a coach and mentor helping others achieve success within The WBFF. Kristi Winger Szudlo, a fellow WBFF Pro and great friend, is also a leader and coach for the teams. They decided to develop a team of competitors and offer their combined years of knowledge, experience, support, contacts, and advice to help new, or even other experienced competitors. The teams have grown at a surprising pace and are fast approaching numbers in the 70’s. The team has many other pros that are also team leaders and mentors for Team Bling Sweat Heels and TeamGenetics.

Tammy manages all of this while being a full time mommy to her 3 year old, who can quite frequently be found with her at posing practice, personal training sessions, and workouts of their own in the neighborhood.

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