September 2013 – Tammy Streich – The Head Coach

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We LOVE down to earth girls here at KickAss Women, but to be a KickAss Woman of the Month they have to be more than just that. They have to be inspirational and beautiful. When you talk to Tammy Streich on the phone and hear her easy going Oklahoma accent, you instantly fall in love. When you see her photos, you fall in love again. Tammy is one KickAss Woman that we know both the guys and girls are going to love! Beautiful, cool, friendly and down to earth, we think she will inspire YOU this month! – kaw

How long have you been in the fitness industry?
I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 22 years now. Wow, I am telling my age there! I did my very first fitness competition when I was right out of college. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! Once I was on stage, I was hooked. I have been involved with competing in different organizations ever since, finally finding a home with The WBFF and earning my Pro card.

Were you athletic as a child?
I have always been very active in athletics starting at a very early age with gymnastics. In school, I played basketball, ran track, and I was a cheerleader up through my college years. I love sports and being physically active. BOOMER SOONER and THUNDER UP!! :)

You have recently started a coaching team. Tell us about that.
A little over a year ago, I started with a few posing classes to help new competitors be able to step on stage with a sense of confidence. Many of the girls were first time competitors and just like me in the beginning, clueless with no one to help guide them along the way. One of them, Tierra LaCour (Miss T), kept telling me I should start a team and help these ladies out. There is so much more that goes into competing besides just getting your body in the best shape possible. Especially with The WBFF! It is a Fitness and Fashion Show more than anything else, unlike any other organization out there. You have to have the proper suit, the perfect dress, the right theme wear, the best shoes, and of course your make up and hair have to be gorgeous! So many of the women and men that compete have no idea where to start or even where to purchase these things, much less get the right ones. I finally took Miss T’s advice and decided to form a team, Team Bling Sweat & Heels is our women’s team and TeamGenetics is the men’s.

I coach them and guide them on everything they need to know. Lord knows, I have made my fair share of mistakes along the way, so I thought I should share my knowledge of what, and what not to do. It has become a labor of love and definitely a full time job. I also do the nutrition and training for several of the women.

The team has grown quickly, around 70 total, and I have so many amazing women & men with many more Pro’s that help me lead. We have our very own Glam Squad with Malorie Avaline being our professional Make Up and Hair coordinator, as well as being a WBFF Pro herself, and Lisa Sandberg handling our spray tanning needs.

Who inspires you?
So many women in this industry inspire me, it is hard to name just one or two. My fellow coach and friend, Kristi Winger-Szudlo, is one that comes to mind first, she is a definite KICKASSWOMAN, Malorie, Miss T, and Lisa, all of whom I mentioned earlier… all four of these women are teammates, friends, moms, business women and juggle it all with such grace and style. Another teammate, and single mom of 3, Michelle Hamon, has become a great friend that helps me out daily with team “problems”. These women have all endured major hardships and difficulties in their lives, but have come out stronger and even more KICKASS! Plus, they all know how rock it on stage. My little sister, my mom, my daughter and my husband inspire me daily to be a better person and to live life to the fullest. They have always been my biggest supporters!

You have young children. Was it difficult staying fit and getting back into shape during/after your pregnancy?
I really stayed active and worked out most of my pregnancy, but I did eat a lot! A lot of Big Macs and Fries and M&M McFlurries, so despite staying active, I managed to pack on 45 pounds. I made a vow, while I was still PG, to do a Fitness/Bikini show one year after delivery. I started walking the neighborhood 2 weeks after delivery with my BOB jogging stroller, and I made it to stage 14 months later placing top 20 out of almost 100 women! It wasn’t always easy to juggle being a new mom, at FORTY, and getting back into competition shape, but I had set a goal and I always do what I have to do to make that goal/dream happen! One of my favorite sayings is “Failure is not an option!” You don’t always have to win, or be in that number one spot (even though that is nice) but as long as you do your very best to reach your goal without letting any excuses stand in your way, then you will not be a failure. I tell my team all the time, so many start the journey to stage, but once they realize just how freaking hard it is and how much sacrifice it takes, they never actually make it. Just being on the stage and doing YOUR best is WINNING!!

OBVIOUSLY you are one of the most stunning women on the planet. What is it like to be out in public in your shoes?  How do you deal with the attention?
OMG, thank you very much! Believe me, I do NOT look like those pictures every day, just ask my husband and friends! LOL. You will usually find me in a tank and shorts and flip flops or tennis shoes with no makeup, besides mascara, and a top knot. I do love to get dressed up and go out, don’t get me wrong, but that is only on rare occasions. One of the reasons I still love to compete is because I get that one day to be all glam and feel like a Victoria’s Secret model! :) I won’t lie, it does feel good to feel confident in your own skin and your body. I feel just as sexy in my tank and shorts. It’s all about the attitude and realizing none of us are perfect, and we all age, but if you own that and do your best to stay fit and eat right, then you can feel good about yourself! Confidence is a girl’s best asset, not cocky, but confident, HUGE difference! I have my days when I don’t feel so great about what I see in the mirror, but I remember I have my health, my friends, and my family, that is more important than anything else.

You are good friends with Kristy Szudlo, WBFF Pro, former KickAss Woman of the Month and Host of KickAss Radio. How did you meet?
Kristi and I actually met at that very first show I did after having my daughter. It was seriously one of those times you meet someone and feel like you have known them forever. Her daughter isn’t much older than mine so we had a lot in common, and we are the same age (don’t ask) so we just hit it off backstage. Since then, we have become great friends, and she had a huge part in helping me develop Team BSH and TeamGenetics. She takes the lead with the men’s team and I with the women, and we help each other out with both. I seriously think of her as a sister from another mister! :) We have a lot more ideas for our future in this industry and I am sure that in working together, we will achieve them all! “Failure is not an option” is definitely her motto as well!

PictureGroove Photography

You are about to start writing for How did that come about and what are you going to write about?
I am so super excited about this amazing new opportunity! It kinda just came about by “accident”… I was talking with Joey, the founder of, and we just kinda hit it off the couple of times we have had phone interviews. He mentioned he has the idea for a weekly blog feature, so I just “volunteered” myself! It helps that Kristi has told him all good things about me, (thank you Kristi) and I have been a guest on her radio talk show a couple of times.

I will be writing about competing, tips and advice about competing, fitness and nutrition tips for competitors and just those wanting to live a more fit and healthy lifestyle, fashion and beauty, motherhood, and ya just never know! Stay tuned… :)

What do you want to tell your MALE fans?
I am very happily married! But, I would love to hear from you and what topics you would like me to write about. Also, even though I am married, it is nice to receive compliments, just keep it tasteful and tactful please. If anyone is interested in knowing more about our TeamGenetics and competing, please contact me or Kristi! (Shameless Plug:)

What do you want to tell your FEMALE fans?
That I am just like all of you… I try and juggle family, friends, work, life, and still have some time for myself and my fitness goals/dreams. I love helping women of any fitness level reach their goals, whether it be getting on stage, looking good for a high school re-union, getting in shape after baby, just fitting back in those damn jeans, or most importantly just being fit and healthy for YOURSELF! The life of a “fitness model” is not at all that glamorous… just on photo shoot and stage day!

When are you shooting for
I do not know??? You tell me?? I would love it! Just give me a few weeks notice to get “photo shoot” ready… another thing to know about me, I don’t rock those abs all year long! LOL. I am a southern gal that loves to eat!! :)

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