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  • an class='eisodetitle'>Diabetes: The Myths and The Factsan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes two spokeswomen from The American Diabetes Association: Lisa Moser, former Mrs. International, and Cambree Moser, Miss Ohio International 2014, to talk about some important health fact from their real life experiences. Diabetes has always had a grip on their family because Cambree Moser's dad has had Type 1 diabetes since age 17. When Cambree was age 12, she really felt its strength when her 9 year old sister was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and the dynamic of their family changed dramatically. It was at that time that Cambree realized how powerful food was and the importance of how we care for our bodies. Her dad and sister's lives both depend on how well they eat and take care of themselves. The quality of all peoples' lives depends on that same thing. As Miss Ohio, she is partnering with the American Diabetic Association as a spokesperson for living a healthy lifestyle and teaching people how to start at any age. Lisa Moser is a passionate and energetic speaker with years of motivational speaking experience. Her enthusiasm for sharing her vision of empowerment is evident from her achievements. She started her public speaking after winning the Miss Ohio pageant, where she traveled extensively speaking to youth and teens on a positive self-image and being physically as well as mentally fit. Presently, Lisa does motivational speaking AND SEMINARS throughout the United States to corporations, sports teams, health and wellness organizations and business owners. She is also an international trainer with a health and wellness company, as well as a spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Visit Lisa Moser's website. Visit Cambree and Arlaine Moser's website.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Fit Mom’s Series with Nicole Costaan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Nicole Costa, WBFF Diva Bikini Pro and Co-owner of Body Rock Inc., to talk about WBFF and how she was able to step back on stage 11 months after giving birth. Listen in as she shares how motherhood and the Advocare business have changed her life and still managed to get and stay in shape. Nicole Costa is from Providence, RI. She is the co-owner of Body Rock Inc. A Competition prep coach, she has a 16 month old daughter named Mya. She works with an amazing supplement company called Advocare. She's a WBFF Pro Bikini Competitor and an Oxygen Magazine Cover model. Check out her Body Rock and Advocare sites. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Visit our KickAss Women website. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Empowerment: Turning Life’s Obstacles to Inspiration with Zoe Pineauan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Zoe Pineau, a figure athlete, fitness model, and health & fitness enthusiast, to talk about why she switched from bikini competition to figure competition and the things that keep her busy nowadays: preparing for the CBBF Nationals scheduled in August 2014, her new website that helps fitness models and photographers promote their work and updating her personal website/blog. Listen in as she shares her most personal thoughts regarding her surgeries, balancing her time between competing and having a family & sponsorship and relationship with her trainers, at Togetherfit and Team Hardbody. Zoe Pineau lost 150 lbs through diet and exercise within less than 1 year. After the birth of her two children, Zoe decided to get healthy and set a positive example. She hopes to inspire others to make positive changes in their own lives and show through her story that anyone can change their lives. Visit her new website that showcases the works of fitness models and photographers. Check out her personal website/blog. Follow her on Facebook. Follow TogetherFit's (Zoe's trainers) Facebook page. Visit our KickAss Women website. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Fit Mom’s Series with Michelle Moorean>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Michelle Moore, an entrepreneur, public relations professional, model, actress, and a mother of two, to talk about the misconceptions about needing to be PERFECT to be happy. Listen in as she shares tips on how you can ?perfect? your perfect you, the tricks to get your work out in and charge up your day, the value of Clean Eating and the importance of great relationships – with your partner and your kids. Michelle Moore, a former beauty queen, wears many crowns. In 2001, she was the first woman ever to win the title of America's Perfect Woman. Founder and president of More Marketing Communications, and Partner at Involve, a brand activation agency, Michelle is a media specialist who has worked with the Today Show, 20/20, Good Morning America, CNN, CNBC and many other television outlets and programs. Active in the community, she helped to launch Project Blues to help people impacted by cancer who do not have the financial resources to deal with it. She also is a board member for the Lawrence Funderburke Youth Organization, teaching kids financial literacy and life skills. Additionally, she volunteers with CMH FashionWeek and launched her own girls' empowerment course, GirlPower in 2010. Through GirlPower, Michelle teaches 5-8th grade girls from all walks of life to be self-acceptant, self-reliant, self-confident. In 2012, Michelle published her first book, 30 Hours of Hope about a miracle connection between two strangers. It's available through and many other online book retailers. Check out her website. Follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Empowerment: Turning Life’s Obstacles to Inspiration with Erika Oteroan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Erika Otero, our December 2013 KickAss Woman of the Month, to talk about her struggles and triumphs in figure modeling. Listen in as she shares stories of her accident, back injuries, training and recovery with spinal herniations and struggles in figure modeling due to her young age. Meet Erika Otero. She is Venezuelan but raised in Miami. Having been an athlete since her childhood days, she began competing in the NPC at the young age of 17 years old and continue to do so till today. Now at the age of 25 years old, she is preparing to do a warm up show on March 15th at ?The CJ Classic? then continue her 2014 competition season with a National Level show in May and ultimately the NPC Jr Nationals in June and Team Universe in July. If she turns pro this year, she plans to continue her season till October to participate in her first Pro show. Some of her highlights are having won the Southern States Figure division at the age of 20 and 23 (2010 and 2013). Follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Watch her YouTube videos: Check out her Contest pictures here. Visit our KickAss Women website. Like us on Facebook.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Empowerment: Turning Life’s Obstacles to Inspiration with Hillary Jonesan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Hillary Jones, a Chef and Fitness Model, to talk about overcoming her personal struggles in the world of fitness competition. Listen in as she shares how she stopped putting limitations on herself and the things she could accomplish and finally realized that once she believed in herself, she can achieve anything. In 2010, Hillary Jones competed for the first time in the Arnold Amateur, and placed third among 35 girls in her height class. She did two other shows within the next two months and then competed in her first Nationals later that year. Her experience with competing was extremely unhealthy, but she had come to believe that it was just what everyone did. After competing at Nationals, she vowed to never compete again and spent the next several months battling a very ugly binge eating disorder. She had always been passionate about cooking and decided to attend a farm to table culinary arts program in Boulder, CO and learned to look at food in such a different light. It was probably one of the best experiences of her life. Her passion for fitness never went away, and she decided to get recertified as a personal trainer and start training clients again. She still also had this desire to compete again and prove that you could do so in a healthy way. In May of 2013, she competed in her first WBFF show and won her pro status. She took some time away from the stage to figure out what she wanted in her life and career and now she is training for her first pro show in Montreal in 15 weeks. She is most passionate about helping women create a balance in their life, where they can create bodies that they may have always wanted, but not have to feel they are constantly depriving themselves or have to spend hours in the gym or on crazy diets. The most powerful thing one can do is show someone all the power that lies within them, once they just let that light shine.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Extreme Sports with Joe Cicmanan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Joe Cicman, the famous Flatland expert rider, to talk about his personal journey in the world of extreme sports most especially Flatland BMX. Listen in as he shares stories about GuruJam, the most rider-centric contest to date and The TerraDome, his private indoor training facility. Joe Cicman's been riding flatland for 27 years. Yes, almost 3 decades of spinning, twisting, gliding, leaping, bailing, and wrecking. Rarely do riders make it to this triumphant milestone. Five years ago, Joe reinvented himself and his style of riding. He decided to dive head first into the flatland world and start traveling the globe in search of competitions. This quest paid off. In 2011, he won the national title for the Expert division of the AmFlat Circuit. Joe continues to push the boundaries of what's possible. After winning the title, he decided he no longer needed brakes on his bike. He also spent months working out a deal to secure his private indoor training facility, known as The TerraDome. Riders have travelled from many other countries, just to take a spin in this world-famous warehouse. In October, Joe made his greatest contribution to flatland – The GuruJam. Perhaps this was the most rider-centric contest to date. Many think it was THE best contest in history. Either way, Joe continues to push the limits of what is possible both on and off the bike. Check out FlatMatters Online. Check out Am Flatland Circuit and watch contest footage at Follow him on Instagram and YouTube.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Fit Mom’s Series with Jeannette Jarnesan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Jeannette Jarnes, WBFF Pro and Promoter, to talk about how she enjoys her life as a mom and a fitness pro at the same time. Listen in as she talks about all the projects she's currently involved in: Orlando and Miami WBFF Promoter, Team Hard Kandy Coach, Sponsored by NVIE and opening her new business (Cherry Blow Dry Bar). Jeannette Jarnes is a mother of two beautiful children who are her heart, Cheyenne (8 years old) and Parrish (6 years old). She has been married to her lovely husband, Larry for 13 years. She's also an extremely dedicated fitness competitor. Dedication and persistence have brought her to this point of becoming a WBFF pro athlete. She has always been dedicated to fitness; playing competitive tennis and running in races. She wanted more and took it to the next level. She wants to thank her children, husband, family and friends for all their love and support in helping her reach this goal. Her husband has been her number 1 fan and supporter through everything. She also wants to thank all her coaches, Doug Casebier, Karen Dancer, the TBA team and a big thanks to WBFF (Paul and Allison Dillett) for welcoming her in their fitness family. She couldn't be more proud to be a part of it. Also, sending out a special thanks to all her fans for their support and inspiring her to be the best athlete she can be. Follow her on Facebook.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Power Couples in Fitness: Michael and Chelcea Lee Gonzalesan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Michael Gonzales, 3rd placer at the WBFF World Championships in 2012 and Chelcea Lee Gonzales, Pro WBFF Diva Fitness Model, to talk about how to have a positive way of life through health and fitness. Listen in as they encourage and teach the listeners on the many principles and practices in achieving lifestyle goals. Michael Gonzales is a Full time medical sales rep and fitness model. He tries and demonstrates how one can balance being a Foodie and a Professional Fitness Competitor. Recently taking 3rd place at The WBFF World Championships in 2012, his drive remains to continue to Do Better and Be Better. His goal is to inspire others and demonstrate how you can achieve a healthy lifestyle as well as enjoy your favorite foods. Chelcea Lee Gonzales got into fitness when she realized that the models she looked up to in the fitness magazines were surrounded by real achievements, not fancy perfumes and brand name clothing. She started her fitness prep for her first show in 2010 in hopes of inspiring others the way she had been, to make a change. As a Lifestyle Coach in the fitness industry, also known as the One Eighty Lady, she prides herself in coaching athletes and driven individuals to successes through fitness and goal achievement. Being a coach of many, she tries to set the pace through example as a Fitness Model Pro by staying in peak shape year round, always being prepared and living a positive, stylish lifestyle. Currently aspiring to be one of the leading inspirations in fitness lifestyles, she is an advice columnist in the UK, International fitness model, nutritionist, posing and competition coach. Visit her One Eighty Lady website.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Empowerment: Turning Life’s Obstacles to Inspiration with Lois Hammondan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Lois Hammond, our November 2013 KickAss Woman of the Month, to talk about her love for fitness that started while she was just a young girl and continued even during her illness. Listen in as she shares the challenges and the victories in training and wellness coaching. Meet Lois Hammond. Inspiring story of overcoming life threatening obstacles has led her to become a female fitness enthusiast in the fitness industry. This woman has a vision and is on a mission to improve the lives of others through sharing her incredible journey and knowledge. Already a massage therapist / NPC competitor and continuing to pursue her passion in the fitness/health industry. After realizing her potential in the past few years, she has decided to turn her passion for health and the zest for living as a newly discovered career path in health as a wellness coach / massage therapist and NPC competitor. Lois is giving some new meaning to the word ?hard core?. Harnessing her rock solid work ethic, knowledge of exercise & the body, and intense personal passion enabled her to move herself forward. In June of 2013, she entered her first NPC Masters Bikini competition and took 1st place. This is a defining moment in her life and she is not looking back now. Lois is hoping to pursue this dream as a Health and Wellness coach, vitamins spokesperson and fitness enthusiast full-time. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Visit our KickAss Women website. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Meet our 2013 WBFF Professional Fitness Model World Championan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Justin Gonzales, the 2013 WBFF Professional Fitness Model World Champion, to talk about his personal journey in the world of fitness competition. Listen in as he shares how he prepares for the shows, handles competition most especially his brother and the purpose of his website. In 2005, Justin started his fitness career by becoming a personal trainer. Since then he has held a variety of positions in the fitness and nutrition industry steadily improving his knowledge and shape. In 2010, he decided to use his understanding and experience to inspire and motivate others to start their own journey to lifelong fitness. He then founded OneEightyLifestyle, an online community and apparel company. In 2012, he challenge himself to compete in his first fitness model show in Kansas City where he earned first place and the title of WBFF Professional Fitness Model. MusclePharm took notice and began sponsoring Justin. In 2013, he took stage at the WBFF Pro Show in Las Vegas against the ?Best of The Best? and again took the top title: Professional Fitness Model World Champion. After the show he added Fitmark as a sponsor and is looking forward to building more such relationships. His personal motto is ?Never give up. Giving up is too easy. Setting goals and reaching them is the best feeling one can have.? Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Visit our KickAss Women website.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Meet the Spartan Queens of GORGO Magazinean>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Val Solomon and Erica Willick, creators of GORGO Women's Fitness Magazine, to talk about their all-digital women's fitness magazine, called GORGO, set to launch on November 1 and why they think people need or want a new magazine with all the information available online. Listen in as they share how they got connected on this kind of business venture and their thoughts on how women get fitness information these days. Val Solomon, a mother of 4 boys and military wife from Ft. Meade, Maryland, is no stranger to fitness nor the world of social media. Val built her social media following to 50,000+ in two years with her brand of living a fit life FOR her children, instead of being fit in spite of four kids. Erica Willick, a mother, accountant and wife from London, Ontario, went from being a fit but fairly shy office professional to being a favorite Oxygen magazine fitness model, an international cover girl and a Pro Bikini Model champion in one year. They connected thanks to a shared passion for empowering women in fitness, but noted a diet quick-fix and gimmick-ridden trend that was prevalent in fitness magazines on the newsstand. The pair believe women are craving more challenge, as well as more real information to inspire themselves to make healthy changes that last. Visit their GORGO site. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Up Close and Personal with the Crazy Big Fat Chickan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Erin Duggan, our October 2013 KickAss Woman of the Month, to talk about her personal journey in the world of bodybuilding including the accident that completely changed her life. Listen in as she discusses her vision for Women's bodybuilding and why she still continues to compete despite her other activities. Erin Duggan is a female… She is strong… She is a bodybuilder… She will never give up. Erin is a proud single 42 year old mother of four children. She lives in Avon, CT and she is a full time nursing student. Her passion is bodybuilding. She is dedicated to improve her body, health and conditioning on a daily basis, not only to better herself but to inspire others to cherish and develop their inner and outer strength. She is currently enrolled in nursing school after returning to college and taking all of her undergraduate classes. She decided that her survival happened for a reason, and if she could turn just one person's life around as hers had, it would be worth all of the pain, struggle and hardship she has been through. If she can also encourage, enlighten and empower women to embrace their muscularity through the art of bodybuilding, she will have achieved her goals. She will never fail to give 110% to everything she does. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>A Lil’ Bit of Sparkle with Lauren Lyle and Tracey Chaffinan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Lauren Lyle, the creator and designer behind the brand of Maison Lyle, and Tracey Chaffin, the owner, creator and designer of Tracey Chaffin Fitness Apparel custom crystallized work out wear, to talk about their collaboration & brand management. Listen in as they share how they met, where they are headed and what they have planned in the future. The creator and designer behind the brand of Maison Lyle, creates a unique fashionable crystallized swimsuit and accessory line that has many admirers from around the world. Maison Lyle is based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. Owned and run by retired NFL wife and obsessive fashionista, Lauren Lyle. Visit her Maison Lyle website. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. From Tracey Chaffin's early teenage years, she's always been very aware of how exercise and nutrition play a vital role in our lives. And, she loves knowing that her exterior is a direct reflection of how she treats her body. Taking care of her physique has been and will continue to be a priority. Visit Tracey Chaffin's website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Living Your Legacy with Daisi “Jo” Pollard Sepulveda-Lowan>
    KickAss Radio welcomes Daisi ?Jo? Pollard Sepulveda-Low, a Model & Beauty Queen entrepreneur, to talk about her personal journey in the world of modeling and pageantry. Listen in as she shares her background in entrepreneurship and philanthropy and learn more about her new multimedia blog, Daisi ?Jo? Pollard Sepulveda-Low is launching a blog dedicated to her double-sided passion of everything beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle and business. Having both an extensive background in modeling and entrepreneurship, Daisi has cultivated her experience, knowledge base and curiosity for trying and testing products & services in the beauty industry; while exploring and learning about the creators and mega corporations behind them. Check out her websites – Blog, Portfolio and Personal Brand. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Visit our KickAss Women website. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Getting to Know our 2013 WBFF World Muscle Model, AJ Ellisonan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger Szudlo welcomes AJ Ellison, the 2013 WBFF World Muscle Model, to talk about his personal journey in the world of fitness competition. Listen in as he shares the many reasons why he competes and what does fitness really mean to him. Meet AJ Ellison. He was born in Merced, California and now lives in Kansas City, MO. He grew up a military brat so he's lived in many places from California to North Carolina and even in his mother's home country, Japan! It was quite an experience to move about every 4 years but with that he realized how much he enjoyed people and diversity. His journey to becoming a personal trainer began with his first passion, running. He put on track spikes for the 1 time during his junior year in high school which led to a solid middle distance career at the University of Tulsa and continuing on to qualify for the 2000 Olympic Trials in the 800m. Years later, he fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. After a severe tricep tear in February of 2010, he re-evaluated his priorities and being able to maintain his fitness with longevity was at the top of his list. He turned to fitness competitions as his new outlet. During his journey as a fitness competitor, he's been blessed to secure a Pro Card in the Muscle Model category with the WBFF in 2011, and just recently won the 2013 WBFF World Muscle Model title. He's also been honored to be published in magazines such as Natural Muscle, Fit & Firm, Status Fitness and KC Fitness Magazine. Check out his website. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Up Close and Personal with Danyelle Mastaronean>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger Szudlo welcomes Danyelle Mastarone, a NPC National Figure Competitor and HMB sponsored athlete, to talk about what keeps her busy this 2013: her recent competitions, being a competition prep coach, a NPC expeditor and judge, photoshoots, and a contributing writer for npcnewsonline. Listen in as she shares her memorable experiences in the world of fitness competition. Fitness has always been a part of Danyelle's life in one way or another, starting with ?Get In Shape Girl? as a child. Through high school and college, she was the queen of workout videos, from tradition aerobics, step and of course the ever famous Buns of Steel. But to actually look like the women in her videos… talk about a pipe dream. Fast forward to five years ago and she was teaching group fitness classes. She was definitely fit and in great shape, eating what she considered healthy, but not on formal plan or routine. A friend of hers and fellow instructor decided to train for a figure competition and encouraged her to do it as well. After witnessing her friend's incredible transformation, as well as that of some other friends who had competed, she was not only going to compete herself, but she was going to do it better! She had absolutely no clue what she had just signed up for, nor the life change she was about to embark upon. After winning 1 Place in the Novice Category, she was hooked and couldn't wait to get better and do this again. After 5 years, she is still in love with this sport! She not only competes herself, but trains and coaches others, judges, expedites and writes for the npcnewsonline. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Meet the Pro Leaders and World Champions, Episode IIan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger-Szudlo welcomes the WBFF Pros: Alisa Kress, WBFF Pro Fitness Diva, James Alexander-Ellis, WBFF Pro Muscle Model, Jean-Jacques Barrett, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Michelle MacDonald, WBFF Pro-Diva Fitness Model, and Ryan Carruthers, WBFF Pro-Male Muscle Model, to talk about their individual journeys to the world of fitness competition, most especially in the WBFF. Alisa Sharp Kress is a WBFF Pro Fitness Diva earning the prestigious title of 5 in the world, August 2011 and 1 place during her WBFF debut in June. This mother of 2 young boys is a fitness model, fitness competitor, personal trainer and owner of Snuggle Me'z. James Alexander-Ellis got into the fitness industry just 4 years ago as a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach, helping average gym-goers, housewives and athletes alike to achieve their physique and fitness goals. Back in May 2011 he decided, after seeing an advert, to enter the ?Best Body? Competition at The Bodypower Expo (at the NEC Birmingham). Jean -Jacques Barrett was awarded Pro Fitness Model Status winning 1 place at The 2011 WBFF World Championship. This year will be his 2 Pro competitions now switching into the Muscle Model Category. This is Michelle MacDonald's 4 season competing on stage, and it will be her 5 WBFF show. She won her Pro card at the 2012 WBFF World Championships in the Diva Fitness 35+ class, and competed for the first time as a Pro in the 2013 Montreal Pro/Am show. She is excited to be returning to the World Championship stage in Vegas with the rest of her Active Protocol Team!
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Meet the Pro Leaders and World Champions, Episode Ian>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger Szudlo welcomes the WBFF Pros: Ignacio Torres, current WBFF World Bodybuilding champion, Tammy Streich, Team Founder and Captain of Women's WBFF Team BSH, and Mandy White, top 3 finisher in 2012 World Championship Pro Bikini Diva division, to talk about their individual journeys to the world of fitness competition, most especially in the WBFF. Ignacio Torres, WBFF Pro is a former junior and senior bodybuilding champion, and now current WBFF World Bodybuilding champion in 2012 at age 28 from the country of Uruguay. Ignacio is ready to defend his World Champion Title in Bodybuilding at Planet Hollywood this Saturday night, August 24 among the best of the best athletes and beautiful people in the fitness and fashion industry. He is looking amazing. Watch live or see it on a Pay-Per-View Live! Tammy Streich, WBFF Pro is a favorite veteran Fitness Competitor hitting the stage this year on Saturday night at the World stage of Planet Hollywood is the team Founder and Captain of Woman's WBFF TeamBSH, co-captain of Men's WBFF TeamGenetics, a certified personal trainer, fitness group leader, Fitmodel, business owner with her husband Joe, and co-sponsor with husband Joe and Randy Sandburg of the upcoming WBFF Oklahoma show on October 5 in Oklahoma City, OK. Mandy White, WBFF Pro is a Bikini Pro and a top 3 finisher in 2012 World Championship Pro Bikini Diva division. This year as she competes in the World competition in the Bikini Diva division, she promises to not disappoint with wearing another amazing gown and adding to it $250,000 of sponsored diamonds she will dazzle the audience with as she models them on stage in the Pro finals.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Journey 2 Empower with Michelle Oteroan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger-Szudlo welcomes Michelle Otero, LMHC, our August 2013 KickAss Woman of the Month, to talk about the many reasons why Mental Health is so important in the Fitness Industry. Meet Michelle Otero. She is 35 years old. She was born in Jersey City, New Jersey but have been leaving in Miami, Florida for the last 27 years. She is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Psychology College Professor. She graduated with her master's degree from Nova Southeastern University and later that year opened her private practice in Mental Health Counseling. She believes that the Mind, Body and Soul are the most important dimensions that individuals must strive to keep healthy. As a mental health therapist, she encourages her clients, friends and family to try and work on having all three dimensions equally balanced. She is currently training for her next National show, where she hopes to win her Pro Card in Figure. The competition will take place in November in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She is inspired to take this recent experience to a higher level. She would love to have the opportunity to expand her horizons and she believes that with her charismatic, dedicated, passionate and intellectual personality, she can be seen not only as a figure competitor but also as a female role model to other individuals and or athletes. Fitness is not just looking good, it's being healthy… it's a way of life! Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Getting to Know My Florida Bikini Model Valerie Annan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger-Szudlo welcomes Valerie Ann, owner and creator of My Florida Bikini Models, to talk about this brand new Florida apparel company she's designed to promote Florida Kick Ass Bikini Models. Listen in as she shares her thoughts on why she came up with the company, her future plans – both for her career and for her Bikini Models. Valerie Ann is a model, actress, athlete, owner & creator of My Florida Bikini Models. She was born, raised and have dedicated herself to ?big thing? with her work in sunny Florida! She currently works with Push Model, Florida finest bikini babes, and exceptional photographers, models, MAU, and publisher in the professional modeling world. Currently, she's available for selective paid shoots, publications both print and web, calendar and magazine submissions, music videos, live modeling and promotional events, event hosting and acting. Check out their product store or like their Facebook fan page. Visit our KickAss Women website. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Be Fit without being Obsessed with Fitness!an>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger-Szudlo welcomes Philita Wheeler, Current National Level Figure Competitor and former WNBF Pro, to talk about how to be great at fitness while having a career, family and social life. Listen in as she shares how to be happier and achieve a balance among all aspects of our lives. Philita Wheeler is a professional accountant, fitness buff, and passionate about people. She spends 12 hours a day in her career of choice, accounting. It means long countless hours of sitting in front of a computer, and many office food temptations. On top of her career, she found fitness. It was in the sport of running at first, but that was no longer challenging to her and since she had just passed her CPA exams, she needed a next in life. She met her match with iron and chalk in the gym. It was by first seeing Kiana Tom on ESPN where she saw how beautiful women with muscles could be. It's been her quest for the past three years to develop her physique and turn it into something others could be inspired by. At her first show, she had a little girl that came up to her and said, ?I want to be just like you one day? and it broke her heart. She was overweight and Philita just wanted to reach out and help her. She doesn't compete in figure shows, just to look good. She does it to help motivate and inspire others to push themselves beyond what they think is possible and to encourage others to give it their 110% every day. She only looks the way she does because of the result of constantly pushing herself to go harder and heavier and push her limits. It's a direct reaction to her determination. Check out her website. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Taking Fitness Mainstream with Cassandra Sawyeran>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger-Szudlo welcomes Cassandra Sawyer, MBA, PHR, CPT, our July 2013 KickAss Woman of the Month, to talk about her personal journey in the world of fitness completion. Listen in as she shares her own experience being the ?healthy one? among friends and at work, her passion for reaching out to mothers and her future plans. Cassandra Sawyer, also known as Natural Fit Mom (NaFiMo) is a Wife and mother of 4. She works full-time as a Director of Human Resources, part-time as an Adjunct Professor of Human Resource Management and for the last several years has been successful in the implementation and administration of corporate wellness programs. Being actively engaged in health and wellness, as a creator, administrator and cheerleader on a daily basis, introduced her to a wonderful new world that she's come to love. Her personal passion for health and wellness is a beautiful compliment to her professional life and she is uniquely blessed to have it all come together. Additionally, she is a certified Personal Trainer, through NAMS and currently studying for her Nutritionist Certification. She competed for the first time in September 2012 and absolutely fell in love! Visit her website. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Setting the Bar High with PictureGroove’s Sarah Lyonsan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger-Szudlo welcomes Sarah Lyons, internationally published cover photographer and owner of PictureGroove's Photography, to talk about her incredible journey from a fitness model to being one of the most in-demand photographers in the world of fitness competition. Listen in as she shares the secrets of her success and how she is focused on setting the bar very high in the world of high end photography. Born in San Francisco, California, Sarah is a former real estate professional currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jumping ahead a few years with PictureGroove as her full time job, she started hiring the top makeup artists in the country to come work on her shoots. She also hired a dependable lighting assistant to start working on larger shoots with her. Since then, PictureGroove Photography has developed itself into a reputable, compassionate company that UNDERSTANDS the needs and vulnerability of some models, based on Sarah's own experiences. It is now an official ?one-stop-shop? company, where all the model has to do is show up! All shoots are inclusive of hair and makeup, wardrobe and accessories if desired (women), and an in-house esthetician with Jessica Worst, whom also assists Sarah on many of her photo shoots. Sarah is also proud to announce the launch of PictureGroove Tanning, to add to the gamut of services the PictureGroove provides. PictureGroove Tanning will be making its official debut at WBFF World Finals, August 20-27, 2013, using the official WBFF approved tanning solutions used by so many competitors and models. Visit their website. Like their Facebook page or add her on Facebook.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Anything is Possible with Kimberly Sandersan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger Szudlo welcomes Kimberly Sanders, our June 2013 KickAss Woman of the Month, to talk about her amazing story of transformation and journey to the world of fitness competition. She will also share some tips on how to empower ourselves with the knowledge, motivation, accountability, and discipline to take control of our own health and fitness. Kimberly is a dedicated and caring fitness professional who lost over 106 lbs and survived a life threatening condition after the birth of her two children. She is well on her way to becoming a nationally recognized fitness competitor and is committed to helping ANY individual reach their fitness goals. Please visit her website or add her in Facebook. Visit our KickAss Women website. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Strong Is the New Sexy by FitMiss Chadyan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger-Szudlo welcomes Chady Dunmore, a 2-time World Bikini Champion, to talk about her personal journey to the world of fitness competition. Listen as she shares how she got into fitness, her future plans and what life lessons she realized from all her success. Chady Dunmore's platform goes deeper than her stage presence, beauty and talent. As the 2010 Arnold Classic Bikini Champion and the 2010 and 2011 WBFF Pro Bikini World Champion, Chady currently graces the covers of fitness magazines (Fitness RX & Oxygen), while endorsing various video and print products, all while raising her daughter. Chady's success doesn't stop at fitness. She recently took hold of a different kind of stage --- gripping a microphone. Breaking out of the mold of only being a fitness competitor, Chady has three singles, ?Work it Out? ?Bad Girls Club? and ?NO NEVA.? Now she is the Face of a woman specifically designed supplements company called ?FITMISS?, in which she had a billboard in NYC and now gracing all Fitness magazines such as FitnessRX, Shape and many more. Visit the FitMiss section on for her online training. Check out her workouts on the FitMiss social media sites: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You may also follow her on her personal Instagram or like her Facebook page.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Fitness Living with Melissa Hallan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger-Szudlo welcomes Melissa Hall, former Ms. Bikini Universe and 8 time National cover model, to talk about how to live a balanced life and teach us, through a combination of exercise, beauty & nutrition basics, how to look and feel our best. Listen to her as she shares her life journey as a professional cheerleader, top-level fitness competitor, model, spokesperson, athlete, and now as a mother of twin boys and wife to the fitness guru, Tony Little. Melissa Hall grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and early on knew she would be a performer. She has a twin sister Melinda who was her biggest cheerleader and who encouraged Melissa to start dance classes at a young age. Melissa continued performing throughout high school and enrolled at the University of Minnesota and began performing with the local modern dance troupe 10,000 Lakes. Her quest continued as she became a professional cheerleader, first for the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders and then with the Minnesota Timberwolves performance team. Melissa continued to compete in the Fitness America system and placed in the top ten out of 100 competitors at her first competition. She started a professional fitness modeling career in 2000 and has graced 8 covers with her latest being the December 2008 Oxygen Fitness Magazine. She competed at the Fitness Universe Pageant June of 2005 and won the title of Ms. Bikini Universe. Melissa is currently residing in Tampa Bay Florida and has recently decided to take her love and knowledge of health and fitness by pursuing another endeavor, Melissa Hall Fitness and launched products November 2008 on the Home Shopping Network. As a certified trainer, Melissa's goal is to develop products that will help people achieve their health and fitness goals. Visit her website.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Redefining Possibilities with Laura Londonan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger-Szudlo welcomes Laura London, National Level Figure Competitor, Fitness Model, Author and Trainer, to talk about how to live an amazing and healthy life from the inside out. Learn how she got into fitness, juggling family life and fitness/healthy living and her future plans. She will also give advice to women who want to get started in fitness and get the best shape of their lives and be the best they can be at any age. In common with many women, hitting her 40's was a time of inner reflection which led Laura to the realization that she was out of shape, her hormones were off the charts, she had fat in places it has never been before, and not the confident person she once was. It was time for CHANGE and Laura embraced it with passion! Cleaning up her diet and eating organic foods and embarking on an exercise program were two steps that began her journey to physical and spiritual transformation. Reading and studying about fitness and nutrition lead her to study at the largest nutrition school in the country, Integrative Nutrition and also to become a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer by the NSCA. Laura is an online fitness and nutrition coach who has helped hundreds of women reclaim their health and their fitness through healthy clean eating, weight training and chemical free living. Visit her websites: and Check out her YouTube videos, like her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Chasing the Dream with Raechelle Chasean>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger Szudlo welcomes Raechelle Chase, an IFBB Pro Figure competitor and International Fitness Model, to talk about her journey to the world of fitness competition being the 1 ever female from New Zealand to compete in The Olympia. She will also share with us her future goals and how she expertly balances her family life and career. Raechelle Chase is an IFBB Pro Figure competitor, International Fitness Model, writer & mother of 3 from Auckland, New Zealand. Being a parent is the most important role in her life and takes up the majority of her time. She found that throwing herself into fitness and competing allowed her a life outside of motherhood and has allowed her to continue to grow as an individual and balance being a mother with achieving her own goals. As they say the mother is the foundation of a happy family. When her children see her working towards her own goals, even if they don't realize it, subconsciously they will learn how to achieve their own goals too and that nothing is impossible with hard work and determination. Her biggest accomplishment in the fitness industry was to be the 1 female from NZ to compete in The 2011 Figure Olympia. This was a huge goal accomplished by her. She loves to help motivate & inspire everyone she meets throughout her own journey to achieve their goals too. Check out her website and YouTube channel. Like her Facebook fan page or follow her on Twitter. Visit our KickAss Women website.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Up Close and Personal with Kristy Lee Wilsonan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger-Szudlo welcomes Kristy Lee Wilson, a former Cirque du Soleil performer, to talk about the many challenges of being a gymnast, an entertainer and now as a fitness competitor. She would also share her training program, diet regimen and personal tips in overcoming the obstacles in the fitness world. Originally from Australia, Kristy made her mark in fitness at an extremely young age. At just 8 years old, she became the youngest athlete to ever be offered a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Sport. Kristy was one of Australia's top junior gymnasts, 3-time Australian Power Tumbling Champion and performed with the world renowned Cirque du Soleil performer for 10 years. She is also a sponsored athlete and fitness competitor. Kristy is a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Sports Performance Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is a Fitness Expert on Dr. Oz's website, as well as an International Presenter and Speaker. Kristy specializes in Weight Loss and Weight Management, Youth Fitness, Women's Fitness, Sports Performance Enhancement and is a Fitness Writer and On-Screen Talent for Demand Media Studios – contributing regularly to websites such as,, SFGate Healthy Living, AZ Central Healthy Living and TheNestWoman Fitness. Please visit her website and Facebook fan page or follow her on Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Get the Right Pose with Christine Andersonan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger Szudlo welcomes Christine Anderson, a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, to discuss how to get the right poses and perform these with confidence. She will also share her incredible journey in the world of figure competition and what life lessons she realized from all her success. Christine Anderson is a Certified Personal Trainer with ACE, Nutritionist, and a Fitness Coach to female clients that want results. She is also a busy wife married to a busy man, a mother, a business owner and an ex-Figure competitor. Check out her website, visit her Facebook fan page or follow her on Twitter. She can also be seen on Instagram. Visit our KickAss Women website. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Getting to Know Tammy Streichan>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger Szudlo welcomes Tammy Streich, a WBFF pro, to talk about her journey to the world of fitness competition, most especially in the WBFF. Let's get to know more about her and her fitness team, Team Bling Sweat Heels plus her future plans with the team and for herself. Tammy Streich was born and raised in small town USA and is now a WBFF Pro, certified personal trainer, group fitness leader, fitness competitor, fitness model, founder and coach for Team Bling Sweat Heels… and (first and foremost) a Wife & Mom. Tammy was very active and participated in several competitive school athletic programs including basketball, track, gymnastics, and cheerleading. She even cheered in college for 3 years. Tammy has been involved in the Fitness Field for over 20 years receiving a BS in Exercise Science with a minor in Marketing followed by a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant. She has always had a love for fitness, but when her father suffered a stroke at the age of 42, she became more concerned with health, not just fitness. She truly has a passion for a healthy lifestyle, not just ?working out? to look good. She has watched her dad struggle with his disabilities from his stroke for over 20 years now and it makes her appreciate having a strong, capable, fit, and healthy body. She truly enjoys helping others reach and excel their own health/fitness goals. Check out her Facebook page, fan page and her fitness team's page. You may also find her in Instagram.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Keeping Fit with Aeryon Ashliean>
    KickAss Radio with Kristi Winger Szudlo welcomes Aeryon Ashlie, an award-winning fitness competitor, to talk about how to look good and stay healthy while maintaining a balanced life. She will also share some tips on how to overcome weight-loss challenges for females especially for those who want to look good in a bikini this summer season. Aeryon developed a passion for fitness and athletics when she was 16 years old, shortly after her lasting battle with body image and weight began. She soon made her entrance onto the competitive fitness scene in Toronto, ON, and, though she was winning competitions, she would completely lose control during ?off-season? and return to her unhealthy eating ways. After the birth of her daughter, Aeryon's weight peaked and she felt she had reached a point of no return. After choosing to be a single mother, Aeryon decided to take her fitness back into her own hands. She returned to the stage to win the 2012 Western Canadian Championships in Kelowna, BC. After that she competed in the Provincials, placing 2 then on to the Canadian Nationals where she placed 5. This then qualified her to compete in the Arnold Amateurs last February which was a dream come true. Today, Aeryon has not only rebuilt the amazing body she once had but has also inspired a countless number of women along the way. In fact, Aeryon goes out of her way to use her expertise to counsel and support women in reaching their fitness and weight loss goals and conquering their own eating disorders. Please visit her blog, Facebook fan page, Facebook personal training page or follow her on Twitter.
  • an class='eisodetitle'>Up Close and Personal with Kristi Winger Szudloan>
    Fitness Fanatic welcomes Kristi Winger Szudlo, our March 2013 KickAss Woman of the Month, to talk about her journey to the world of fitness competition, her training and food lifestyle, and basically how she balances her family life and professional career. Being a WBFF Fitness Model Pro, Inspiration Mom, and Bikini Model, she will move us all as she tells her story of transformation and journey of fitness as inspired by her children. So who exactly is Kristi? She is a WBFF Pro Fitness Model earning the prestigious title and 1 place finish at Kevin Topeka's WBFF NE Show November 5, 2011 after only beginning fitness competitions in June of 2010! She is also a wife, the mother of 2 young children who are 7 and 3 years old, mom to 2 great mini Australian Shepherd dogs, a fitness and bikini model, published fitness writer, a volunteer for many charities and for her church, and she works full time in Cardiology Medical sales as a Lipid specialist. People can connect with her through her Facebook profile page, her fan page or look for her on Instagram.

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