November 2012 – Danyelle Mastarone – Made of Steel


This month’s KickAss Woman of the Month hails from the steel city, Pittsburg, Pa. We were introduced to Danyelle from a former KickAssWoman of the Month who told us we HAD to meet her friend, who was SO COOL and SO HOT. We are guys and when we see a fitness girl in her bikini we typically check her body out first. But with Danyelle, it was something about those big eyes and that big smile that got our attention first. THEN we checked out her amazing body, THEN talked to her on the phone where we were wowed more by her cool personality than her beautiful appearance. We really like this girl! (oops, KickAss Woman) We hope you do too! – kaw

So Danyelle, when we first saw your photo we thought, wow, beautiful hair, whoa, beautiful eyes, ahhh, beautiful smile, HOLY COW, LOOK AT THAT HOT BODY!!!  Do you like getting that much attention on your body when you are so beautiful above the neck too?
First of all thank you for all of the compliments! Wow! But to answer your question, I don’t mind at all.  I work very hard to achieve my physique and am proud of it.

How did you get involved in competing?
I had been a gymgoer for years without a specific goal.  About three years ago I started teaching fitness classes in addition to my weight training.  A girlfriend and fellow instructor decided to compete in a figure competition and tried to convince me to do it as well.  The thought of giving up brownies and french fries seemed way too daunting at first…until I watched her amazing transformation.  I decided, if she could do it, so could I.  Only I would do it better.

Were you an athlete growing up?
I was more of a dancer and cheerleader growing up.  My stature didn’t lend itself to most sports; )

How do you train? Eat?  Supplements regimen?
I train 5-6 days a week, usually in the mornings before work, and during prep I do a second cardio in the evenings (Yes I still work full-time).  I am trying to add more depth and dimension to my upper body and streamline my legs, which means lots of volume, little rest and plyos, plyos plyos!

As far as diet, I try to find balance all year long.  This is definitely something I am still working to achieve.  My general diet is similar to a contest prep but with more food; more protein, carbs and fats, but still all clean food.  I also plan 2 treat meals each week.

And supplementation.  Exactly what it is, a supplement to a clean diet.   I stick with the basics, and compared to some athletes a moderate list: multi-vitamin, fish oil, vitamin C, whey protein, casein protein, BCAA’s, L-Glutamine,pre-workout and creatine.


You live in Pittsburgh, what is the training scene up there?
Pittsburgh is the home of the NPC, IFBB and a ton of competitors.  At my gym alone there are at least a dozen competitors, including a few IFBB pros.  There is never a lack of motivation or a workout partner.  Even better, I think, is the respect and knowledge of the sport from the non-competitor members of the gym.  Everyone knows when the big shows are coming up and can often be found in the audience cheering us on.






In photos you are totally jacked.  BUT, you are a TINY!  Do people see you as too buff in person, or just a really fit girl?
I think there are probably people on both sides of the fence.  I have however received the most amazing compliments on keeping femininity while being so muscular.  I love my body so I try to only listen to the positive feedback.  My only wish is that non-gym clothes were made to accommodate a muscular frame… Maybe I should start a business?

Who do you look up to?
There really are so many amazing men and women in the fitness industry that I could go on and on about.  Anyone who has competed should be complimented for doing something only about 1% of the population could do.  But someone I have looked up to for years, even though she is much younger than me, is Shawn Johnson, the Olympic gymnast.  She is tiny like me and holds a ton of muscle on her small frame.  Gymnasts, like bodybuilders, also have to stick to a strict diet and be sure to both train and practice.  When you are on stage it doesn’t matter what you did in the gym if you don’t show it correctly in your posing or routine.


What is on your agenda now?  What is your coming plan for 2013?

Right now I am in my improvement season.  My last show was The North Americans where I received positive feedback from the judges and was praised for bringing my best package to date!  Now I just have to keep improving and fine tuning.  I will be on stage again at the NPC Pittsburgh in May and then it is on to Nationals to compete for the coveted IFBB Pro Card.  Wish me luck!

When are we getting you in front of our cameras?

I think you will definitely see me this spring! I am a total ham so look out!


Find Danyelle on Facebook at:
Danyelle Muscarella Mastarone!/danyelle.mastarone



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