Michelle Otero, LMHC, NPC Competitor


michelleMichelle Otero
Mental Health Therapist
Psychology Professor

Michelle Otero is a 35 year old Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Psychology College Professor. She has her private practice called Journey 2 Empower Consulting and currently teaches as an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College.

She believes that the Mind, Body and Soul are the important aspects that individuals must strive to keep healthy. As a mental health therapist, she encourages her clients, friends and family to try and work on having all three dimensions equally balanced. This year she developed EmpowerFit, a type of life coaching catered to helping individuals reach both their mental health goals as well as their fitness goals.

Keeping healthy and staying fit has always been very important to Michelle. She has a diverse athletic background starting in high school where she was a swimmer, water polo player and track and field short distance runner. Throughout college and the last couple of years, she has kept herself busy in various athletic sports and hobbies such as Competitive NPC Figure Shows, competitive dragon boating, and Paddle Boarding.

At the age of 23, she competed for the first time at The Southern States Bodybuilding and Figure Competition as a figure competitor. From that day forward the Figure and Fitness world became her new passion. That same year she went on to competing 2 more times and then had to stop because she started to pursue her Masters degree and was more focused on building her career. She didn’t have the time to dedicate to the sport the way she wanted to and therefore took a break from competing but never stopped training hard.

10 years later she got the “itch” to compete again. On November of 2011, she contacted her present personal trainer, Randy Scoates from IdolMaker Physique and Performance.
On March 17, 2012, she stepped on stage again after a long break of 10 years and competed at the Sunshine Classic, where she placed 3rd and qualified for Nationals. On July 7, 2012, she competed at the National Level at Team Universe in Teaneck, NJ and placed Top 5 in her class. Right after that show she went on to the IFBB North Americans in Pittsburgh and placed 3rd in her class. These were all unbelievable experiences and accomplishments that have opened many doors for her.

This year she was featured on Kickass Women as August’s Woman of the month as well as interviewed on Kickass Women Radio Podcast.
In June of last year, she had the privilege to work with Kit Sanderson, Publisher and Senior Editor of Muscular Development Latino on a Shoulder and Abdominal workout video, which you can find on their Facebook fan page and You Tube. Michelle also had an interview done by Israel Rodriguez, Web Editor for Muscular Development Latino posted on the MD Latino website.

Last year, Michelle was sponsored by MHP (Maximum Human Performance), which is a well known and one of the largest supplement companies. Michelle is one of their South Florida sponsored female athletes and fitness models. She represents the company by doing demo appearances at local stores as well as various national Bodybuilding shows.

Michelle is currently training for her next National show, where she hopes to become Pro in the Figure class but most importantly continue to be a role model and spokesperson for the fitness industry.

Michelle has been inspired to take all these recent experiences to a higher level and would love to have the opportunity to expand her horizons. We will continue to see more of Michelle as she grows in the NPC world as well as the Fitness and Mental Health industries.

Fitness is not just looking good, its being healthy…it’s a way of life!

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