KICKASS RADIO PRESENTS: Power Couples in Fitness – Stian Lemmer and Ashleigh Frost


KickAss Radio welcomes Stian Lemmer and Ashleigh Frost, South Africa’s first WBFF Pro Fitness couple, to talk about they got into the fitness world and the obstacles that they had to face along the way. Listen in as they share their preparations for Worlds 2014 and other future goals, most importantly, their upcoming wedding. Listen to the show live or archived on or after:

February 19, 2014 8pm EST 

Stian Lemmer, 27 years old, and Ashleigh Frost, 25 years old, are living in Pretoria, South Africa. And as of 20 July 2013, they were South Africa’s 1st WBFF Pro Fitness couple, engaged and soon to be married.

Stian Lemmer is a Personal trainer at Fabuloss physiques Fitness studio in Pretoria owned by his family. He’s been involved with numerous Body building federations, acting as A-grade judge for NABBA and WFF federation since 2006. He was also one of the judges for last year’s Body Beautiful Pageant, and is this year’s acting Chief Judge.

As an athlete, Stian has competed in a wide range of fitness shows, locally and abroad. Starting his career with winning the 2010 Mr. Body Beautiful title and later went on and competed in the Fitness SA model plus division placing in the Top 10.

He then received an invitation to the WBFF world championships, in Toronto, Canada, in 2011 and placed 11th in the amateur male model division. Then in June 2012, he competed in Vancouver at the WBFF British Colombia Championships and was awarded his pro-card in the male fitness model division making him the first and so far only Professional male fitness model in South Africa, also securing him as one of the youngest ever professional male fitness models in the world. He represented South Africa, making his Pro-Debut at the 2013 WBFF World Championships in Las Vegas, USA. Apart from being a fitness model he’s also a fully sponsored Off-road Enduro quad bike racer competing in the cross country inland championship as well as the National Off-road championship. Stian has also been busy in the modeling and beauty industry as he has been a judge and head judge for numerous events in South Africa.

With such a busy and successful career, Stian always reminds us that: “I’m a Happy go lucky guy, and enjoy making people laugh. I’m Loyal, trustworthy and so blessed. I’m so ambitious and I never back down from a challenge. In God I trust.”

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Ashleigh Frost is a 25 year old red-head Scorpion of British decent who’s proudly South African. She lives in Pretoria where she shares her place with a male cat and an adopted Dalmatian. She’s a very bubbly and friendly girl who loves to meet new people and learn new things, although she can be very solitary and withdrawn at most times. She likes her own space and she’s very independent.

Ashleigh Frost sees herself as a very fun, quirky and positive person. She has her honours degree in Information Design and she is currently working at a design group in Pretoria East. She’s always up for new challenges and she’s constantly setting new goals and challenges for herself in work, in life or at the gym. Her real passion in life though is dancing though. Ashleigh Frost is a competitive Latin dancer as well as a qualified social ballroom and latin teacher. Her passion is slowly shifting over to fitness, but she will probably incorporate the two in her shows. She does photo shoots now and then for the fun of it with the most amazing photographer Mike Mullane.

Ashleigh Frost loves to keep fit and look after her body and she absolutely loves her weight training. She loves to be active and loves to encourage others to do the same. She also likes to learn new things in terms of fitness, training and diet everyday – the reason she’s looking to study further and obtain another qualification in fitness and nutrition. She won the Body Beautiful SA title of Miss Bikini Classic 2012. She represented South Africa and competed in the Fitness America Pageant in Las Vegas, USA last November 2012.

She loves interacting with people, networking and making friends. She’s just an all around happy girl whose big dream one day is to help women, as well as pregnant women and teenage girls to understand the importance of nutrition and training, especially weight training in order to live a healthy and zestful lifestyle.

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