June 2013 – Kimberly Sanders – Nice Transformation!


This month’s KickAss Woman of the Month is one of the great stories we have had!  Kimberly Sanders has gone through an amazing transformation from obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and sickness to an amazing example of what a fitness lifestyle can do for you.  On top of that, she is soooo NICE!!!    We could go on and on, as we usually do, about how incredibly beautiful she is, and believe us, SHE IS! But what strikes us when we talk to Kimberly, is that she is one of the nicer women  we have met in the fitness world.  So read Kimberly’s interview, check out her photos (she has yet to do her first professional shoot), follow her social media and give her a shout on the Facebook comments below! – kaw

You have a transformation story.  What “flipped the switch” that got you started on your fitness journey?
Seeing so many people I knew looking so healthy and thin! My sisters are very thin and I wanted to much to be like them. People truly treat you differently when you are overweight. People would stare at me when I went out to eat or grocery shopped. A few short weeks after my son Isaac was born I had to have emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder because my years of fast food finally did me in. The surgeon told me that I needed to change my habits fast or I would cause damage to my liver as well.

How long did your transformation take?
Its still ongoing! Haha! From my before to after picture was about 2 and a half years. I weighed in at 211 lbs (post baby). When I competed I was 104 lbs!! So in total I lost 106lbs!

How did you begin your transformation and did you experience any set backs?
Goodness YES! I experienced TONS of set backs! My body does not like to let go of fat! When I first started trying to lose weight I didn’t go to a gym because I was too embarrassed of how I looked. I didn’t know what to do in the gym so I did videos at home until I felt I needed to step it up. I hired my first trainer after trying on my own for the better part of a year. I tried every diet and gimmick that seemed like it could work. I did Weight Watchers, tried fat burners, firming lotions, etc. Nothing seemed to make a difference. So on a whim I picked up a few fitness magazines and the “Eat Clean Diet” and started trying their meal plans. I began to see changes and learned how to stop my emotional eating cycle. As time went on I fell in love with the gym and with clean eating and I’m NEVER LOOKING BACK!

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Were you an athlete growing up?
NO WAY!! I was a skinny little rail growing up. I come from a family where obesity is rampid. My grandmother passed away at nearly 400lbs. My family ate fast food constantly and were couch potatoes. It was while I was pregnant and deadly ill that those unhealthy habits came to bite my in the rear!

How do you train? Eat? Supplements?
I train 7 days a week. I only take rest days when I feel my body is asking for one. Ive started splitting some of my days into 2 days to spend more time on certain muscle groups. In addition, I do cardio 2x a day. I eat a very strict diet that changes on a weekly basis because my body gets comfortable waaaay too easy! My diet consists of complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats. My supplements are very basic at this point. Multi-vitamin, fish oil, protein powder, BCAAs. Nothing too crazy lol!

You live in Phoenix, what is the training scene over there?
Phoenix is a big city! There are so many places to train. When the weather is nice I love to do as much outside as possible! I love hiking! We have tons of mountains to choose from. Phoenix also has a wide variety of gyms ranging from fitness centers to hardcore gyms to cater to power lifters and body builders! I am currently training out of Metroflex Phoenix and Gold’s Gym.

Who do you look up to for inspiration?
Oh my gosh I look up to so many amazing athletes! Ive had the honor of meeting several of my idols. These athletes include WBFF Pros, Miryah Jade Scott, Chady Dunmore, Jen Jewell, Cecilia Valens, Nicole Costa, and Nicci Lee.

How does it feel to NOW be the one inspiring others?
It feels unreal! I get messages all the time from people telling me I inspired them to lose weight! I never in a million years would have thought that would be possible. Im just a regular person! My life is anything but glamorous! It really is the best feeling in the world to know that my suffering and hardships can serve as a guide for other to follow. It makes it all worth it!

Do men/women act differently toward you since you now look like an international fitness model? 
YES!! To the average person I look like Im in amazing shape. Everywhere I go men hit on me where as before they would have ignored me. Sadly I also receive a great deal of negative attention as well. Haters exist for every public figure and I am learning to deal with mine. Some people look at me and think I should get the attention I do because I don’t look as good as they do. I completely understand that! What those people forget is how I look compared with where I WAS!

I am well aware I am not the best physique around. I have a great deal of work to do still and thats what sets me apart from others! It hurts at times hearing the rude comments people make about me out of jealousy but I have to remind myself that I started my journey for me and I didn’t ask for the approval of others. I will go forward with that same focus in mind. My goal is to show women, like myself that it is possible to be sexy, fit, and healthy after being addicted to food and being a couch potato! We just have to be willing to work hard to achieve it!

What long term plans do you have to further your fitness career?
I have BIG plans for my future as an athlete and fitness model. I plan to take on the WBFF stage August 23rd!! I am hoping to get my Pro card in the next year or so. I am also looking to be featured by Oxygen magazine and Muscle And Fitness Hers! I am starting my own Personal Training and online coaching business called KimPossible Fitness! I hope to open my own studio within the next 10 years!

When are we getting you in front of KickAssWomen.com cameras?
I hope to someday!!! I have never shot with a professional photographer so I would be so excited to have a real shoot done!!!

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