Holly Stanbrough


This has been quite a year for Holly Stanbrough…earning her Pro Card and being named in the top 100 fitness models and ‘Who’s Who’ registry for professional women in the US.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002 she has already published a book of inspirational poetry called ‘Finding Me In This Castle Built For Me’ (a portion of the proceeds going to the National MS Foundation) and is currently working on her second book. ‘The Companion’

With many more projects in the works it looks like we are going to be hearing a lot about Holly in the year ahead!



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  1. Brenda Benson says:

    I have known Holly for over 20 years. She is a living, breathing example of the power of positive thinking. Most people who are diagnosed with a debilitating disease accept their fate and “live with it”. But, not Holly. After being diagnosed with MS in 2002, she was determined NOT to let this stop her from living a full life. Through sheer determination, and a positive mindset, Holly has put her MS in remission. She has trained her body, and her mind, to overcome the odds. Not only is Holly an accomplished Pro Figure Competitor and a beautiful fitness model; she is a lightworker who brings encouragement and hope to those who are fortunate enough to cross her path. Holly Stanbrough is changing the face of MS forever, and she is someone that everyone should know.

    • holly stanbrough says:

      OhMy Goodness ~ Thank you – MUCH appreciated!! I feel very blessed by all the incredible goodness around me each and everyday. I feel passionate to help others that suffer with chronic illness – life striggles etc. I challenged everyone to help me in this Call to Change the faces of MS….It does not have to be a life once lived, dreams faded, and days of just memories of what could ……it can be, dreams, goals, and a life of living, dreams made come true, making memories and living beyond your potential!! Each day WE wake we are one day closer to OIUR dreams ~ With each dream a goal is established…with each goal a dream is made!! I just want to thank evryone for each life I touch my life impacted in a greater capaticy!

  2. Look out for more about Holly coming up on KickAssWomen….and I wholeheartedly agree!

  3. Holly is a champion, an artist and a true inspiration. Each day she sends out uplifting and positive messages that are always on point. Her passion shows through her hard work – obviously physically, as she is a beautiful, fit muse; artistically, as she has written and shared some of the most impacting poetry I have ever read; and spiritually, as she makes it known that she is fully aware and thankful for her gifts given to her by God.

    Although we have physically yet to meet, the many messages and constant contact shows me that she is a warm and loving person who cares and cherishes life. I feel as another “gift” has been given to me through her.

    She clearly demonstrates that her passion for life will not allow illness, life’s situations or anything that would throw most people off course, keep her from fulfilling her purpose – to motivate and inspire the world through her own fight, her beauty and her art.

    – Raymond W O L V E R I N E Weal II

  4. Ed Stewart says:

    I’ve known Holly for a number of years. She continues to amaze and surprise both herself and the life’s she touches every day. I’ve yet to meet a more energetic, determined, caring, and postivie person with regards to life, her outlook and approach to it and the care for those around her. The sheer energy at which she approaches anything in her life is truly amazing. Whether it be when she was diagnosed with MS, preparing for a Horseshow with her daughter, or taking her physical fitness to an entirely new level, Holly has always been an inspiration to those around her. She is truly one of the great creations on this earth and am very happy to have known her all these years.

    I wish you only the very best Holly !! If there were more great people like you in this world….this world would be such a better place!!

  5. Holly is a natural athlete that is making her mark physically and literally on this world. I encouraged her to pursue things she never thought about trying. She is caring and loving person that has a talent with written words. She is “SF” and all that Flexy.


  6. I could not be more proud of Ms. Holly! She is more than an amazing friend, mother, and professional fitness icon! Holly has overcame some things in life that other people tend to let decide their well-being and future…and with that concept alone allows her deserving of only the finest things in life! CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY for all your accomplishment past, present, and toward the future…keep shining star…you make all the world a brighter place to be. We as your friends and family love and support you in ALL you do! xoxoxo

  7. Jim Carmack says:

    I have known Holly for many yrs ago, both of us suffering from MS, I have seen Holly go from work at the Hospital, on her farm, horse shows with her daughter, writing a book that is now publish, to a few yrs ago taking on fitness to better life In her goal to Fight MS, she has taking what she started as ” Fitness” and turned it into an amazing body fitness and modeling career !! Very few with MS around the world are able to maintain a health life, most become disabled and live life with daily struggles. Holly has taken this incurable disease and refused to give in an let it define who she is and will become!! This is an amazing achievement in it own right!! The drive, will, an struggles Holly deals with every day to be able to mark her place in life as one that never quits an is always reaching for the next life challenge is simple amazing!!! Most people with MS fight to just be able to walk, Holly has taken an shown that she might have to face things in different way’s then others on a daily basis but her will to be the best she can an strive for new and better goals since being Diagnosed with MS has made her stronger as a person with a passion that is not matched by many with the illness!! As a friend and fellow MSer I am proud to call her a friend and amazed at all she can do an the fight she goes threw daily to show she is in the fight against MS at all cost. With the mind set and work ethic she has there is no stopping her!! She has proven she can reach any goal she setts out to over come no matter how many challenging her daily life has become with MS, She is simply amazing !!!

  8. Dave Crawley says:

    Holly is truly an amazing and inspiring person. I have had the good fortune to work with her as her trainer for over a year now. She is one of the most dedicated, hardest working athletes that I have worked with. Holly is also a joy to be around, as she is a very positive and caring person. Our sport is better off because of her.

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