Follow Through… Key To Success


So this week’s blog isn’t just related to fitness, it applies to all aspects of life. If you want to be successful and you want to be taken seriously, then it’s really pretty simple… say what you mean & mean what you say and if you say you are going to do something, then come hell or high water, you get it done!

That is why I like to write my workouts down before I do them. That way I don’t stop when I get tired, I stop when I am finished! Another example fitness-related, if I commit to compete in a show, then nothing will stop me short of physical injury, or severe, death bed sickness. So far, I have never reached that stage when I said I was going to! Pay your entry fees early when you first begin your prep, that way you have a definite deadline and incentive to be ready and not back out.

In any industry, if you commit yourself to a certain task or job, then just do it… no excuses, no if only’s, and no quitting. Other people are depending on you, don’t let them, or yourself down!

Anything worth having in life will take time, energy, sacrifice, & due diligence on your part. No one is going to just hand you the golden ticket to success. Set a goal, make a strong plan of action, and then follow through!! And one more thing, never be afraid to ask for help… sometimes it takes a stronger person to admit their weakness than to just quit because you were a little lost, confused, or overwhelmed. It happens to the best of us! 😉



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Tammy Streich, born and raised in small town USA, is a WBFF Pro, certified personal trainer, group fitness leader, fitness competitor, fitness model, founder and coach for Team Bling, Sweat, Heels, TeamGenetics, promotor for The WBFF... but first and foremost, a Wife & Mom.

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