Crystal Matthews


Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius all the Way:)
Home:   Denver, Colorado
Gym:  Cherry Creek Athletic Club and SNAP Fitness
Career:  Stylist, trainer, nutritionist, model, and former online television host


Contest History:

2010 Jr. USAs in Houston 2nd place tall class, 2011 Jr. USAs in Charleston 2nd place tall class, 2011 IFBB North American Championships in Cleveland 1st place tall class and OVERALL Bikini Champion to turn pro.

What is going on in your life right now?

“Life is great!  I train hard and am trying to get everything in order for next season to start…haven’t quite decided when I will debut but I plan to be on the stage as much as possible in 2012.  I’m also considering starting on my Masters Degree in Psychology this year.  Being a stylist has been awesome and fun.  It has also allowed such great flexibility in my schedule to allow for travelling to shows and such but I’m ready to move on…”

Where do you see yourself ideally in five years time?

“I just hope to be happy in all areas of my life…I have so many interests right now that stream in so many directions, it is difficult for me to visualize one exact path for myself.  I hope to be doing well on stage. I also hope to be involved in something that is truly making a difference in the world of the handicapped, less fortunate children, and/or animals.   I always keep an open mind and if I want something, I go for it.  In 5 years I hope to feel a little more settled, less chaotic I guess.  I will probably around that time be thinking about starting a family.  I know I want 1 or 2 babies at some point :)”

Interests outside of the gym?

“I am a people person but I enjoy my alone time a lot too. I love playing tennis, throwing the football around and going to live sporting events.  I enjoy country music concerts and going to the movies.  I also love, love, love comedy clubs!  In the summer time my favorite thing to do is spend the day on the lake with my best friends, wakeboarding and listening to music.  Lying by the pool with fresh fruit and a book is another one of my favorite pass times and I spend a lot of time hanging out with my chocolate cocker spaniel Murphy.  He runs with me and is the best snuggle buddy ever.  Travelling is so much fun and the Caribbean is my favorite vacation spot.  I like hiking, camp fire pow wows, and playing in the dirt:).   I also love to paint, read, and cook.  Making others laugh is a daily goal :) I never get bored of board games, charades, and karaoke.”

What keeps you motivated?:

“I feel that if a person is not growing, something in them burns out…I don’t ever want to be a person that just lives day by day without an inkling of emotion.  I keep motivated because I want to see what life has to offer…I don’t just want to exist, I want life to be an adventure.”

Any lessons that you have learned that you would like to share?:

“I’ve learned that everyone has an opinion these days.  The only opinions that should matter are not those of people who have never met you and do not know you, but the opinions of your closest friends and family.  Most of all I’ve learned to trust that I know what’s best for myself.  I’ve learned to really hear myself.”

Contact Info:  email:


Twitter:  @IFBBProCrystalM



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