December 2013 – Erika Otero – Coach O

This fall we were able to bring figure competitor and coach Erika Otero in for a photo shoot. Erika was amazing on set, with goddess hair, flawless skin, big beautiful eyes, and a great body. But that is NOTHING compared to her professional, but fun and sweet personality. Erika has drive and we believe she […]

November 2013 – Lois Hammond – Kicking Cancer’s Ass

When we received Lois Hammond’s KickAss Woman of the Month submission, we were blown away. Many of the women we featured have achieved big success in the fitness world. Lois achieved something more inspirational. She kicked cancer’s ass. We hope you will be just as inspired by Lois’ story as we are! – kaw  Tell […]

October 2013 – Erin Duggan – Can’t Be Broken

This month’s KickAss Woman of the Month is a true inspiration. All of us have challenges in our lives but few have gone through a traumatic event like Erin Duggan. Read below and see how she used her injuries to change her life, and now inspires other people! – kaw How did you get started […]

September 2013 – Tammy Streich – The Head Coach

We LOVE down to earth girls here at KickAss Women, but to be a KickAss Woman of the Month they have to be more than just that. They have to be inspirational and beautiful. When you talk to Tammy Streich on the phone and hear her easy going Oklahoma accent, you instantly fall in love. […]

August 2013 – Michelle Otero – Mentally Fit

Sometimes you meet people and wonder, “How do they do it?” August’s KickAss Woman of the Month makes us wonder. Michelle Otero is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist who owns her own practice, consulting company AND is a national level Figure competitor! ON TOP OF THAT, she is super cool, which is what we REALLY […]

July 2013 – Cassandra Sawyer – Executive Fitness

As’s fan base has grown, so have the applications to become a KickAss Woman of the Month. We talk to a lot of fitness model/competitors, but NEVER have we spoken to one who is living the fitness life AND is a corporate executive! When we first spoke to Cassandra, there was INSTANTLY something that […]

June 2013 – Kimberly Sanders – Nice Transformation!

This month’s KickAss Woman of the Month is one of the great stories we have had!  Kimberly Sanders has gone through an amazing transformation from obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and sickness to an amazing example of what a fitness lifestyle can do for you.  On top of that, she is soooo NICE!!!    We could go […]

May 2013 – Postponed

Here at we had a special treat for our readers in May.  Our May KickAss Woman of the Month was scheduled to do a special exclusive video for us but unfortunately her child got sick and we had to reschedule that shoot.  The timing was such we had to skip May unfortunately.  Don’t worry, […]

April 2013 – Aeryon Ashlie – Winning the Battle!

We don’t know what it is about Canadian girls, but it seems like they ALL are COOL and in SUPER SHAPE. This month’s KickAss Woman of the Month is both. One thing that makes her cool is she readily shares her challenge with eating disorders that so many women quietly deal with. Major props to […]

March 2013 – Kristi Szudlo – Fitness Mom

Kristi Szudlo has been one of’s biggest supporters, so we are super excited for her to be this month’s KickAss Woman of the Month!  Kristi is one of the most well rounded women we know.  Super professional yet not stuffy.  Awesome mom yet committed to her fitness lifestyle. Always fun and supportive.  I hope […]

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