November 2012 – Danyelle Mastarone – Made of Steel

This month’s KickAss Woman of the Month hails from the steel city, Pittsburg, Pa. We were introduced to Danyelle from a former KickAssWoman of the Month who told us we HAD to meet her friend, who was SO COOL and SO HOT. We are guys and when we see a fitness girl in her bikini […]

October 2012 – Abbey Bosco – Winning and Losing

Every month women submit their profiles and photos to and it is always a hard decision for us to make on who to feature as the KickAss Woman of the Month.  This month it was easy! When you see Abbey Bosco’s transformation photos you will be stunned!  This month’s profile shows you how LOSING […]

September 2012 – Allie Henderson – Flying Higher Than The Boys

As country boys growing up on dirt bikes and watching motocross, we know a few things about the smell of premix in the morning. BUT, we never, EVER would have thought we would meet someone jump a dirt bike 60 feet, then take off their helmet and look like a Cosmo cover model. Let us […]

August 2012 – Zoe Pineau – Inspiring Weight Loss is all about inspirational women. This month’s KickAss Woman of the Month is as inspirational as it gets! When you see her before photos, THEN look at her now, and read her interview, WE KNOW you will be inspired! We love Zoe not because she is SO HOT, but because she is so easy […]

July 2012 – Sarah Allen – Beauty Down Under

We recently were talking to our good friend Dana Carmont of Dana Carmont Bikinis about how beautiful Australian women were, and she told us about Sarah. One look at Sarah’s site and you can see she is all quality! We were happy to get Sarah as our KickAss Woman of the Month for July 2012! […]

June 2012 – Kimberly Streich – The Art of Fitness

At, we constantly have women emailing us asking to be the next KickAss Woman of the Month. Rarely do we get an email that really stands out. When we read Kimberly’s message though, it definitely got our attention! Kimberly wrote a thoughtful message about being a mom, having twins, owning a business and enjoying […]

May 2012 – Dana Barese – The Achiever!

This month’s Woman of The Month may just look familiar to some of you and that’s because she has been featured in Maxim magazine 5 times, as well as appearing in FHM and doing TV shows such as ‘Fear Factor’, ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’, ’24 Hour Restaurant Battle’ and many others. On top of this she […]

April 2012 – Honnor Moore – Designing Victory!

This month’s Woman Of The Month is Honnor Moore. I first met Honnor about a year ago and, even though our first meeting was relatively short, she made an immediate and lasting impression on me. Courageous,intelligent, motivating and inspiring are just a few of the adjectives that immediately come to mind when it comes to […]

March 2012 – Erika Thompson – From Uruguay with Love

 At the risk of sounding like a broken record (oops, too late, right!) the women who appear on this site never cease to amaze me with their inspiring stories of personal success. This month’s Woman of the Month, Erika Thompson, is no exception. From humble beginnings in Uruguay she has risen to become more than […]

February 2012 – Nancy Tremblay – The Motivator!

 This month’s Woman of the Month is Nancy Tremblay. An accomplished figure competitor and fitness model, Nancy has become an inspiration to all who know her for her ability to rise above challenges and emerge a winner. Read on and find out more about the woman known as ‘The Motivator!’   First of all I […]

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