December 2011 – Dana Carmont…Living the Dream

(A couple of years ago as a “just for fun” project I created a little blog on wordpress for KickAss Women.  I am now passing the baton to Lee Penman and eMediaStars so they can take to new heights.  Fitting to present the last KAW of the Joey Douglas era, who happens to also […]

November 2011 – Philita Wheeler… Both Ends Burning!

(This month’s KickAss Woman is definitely one my favorites!  Philita Wheeler is actually a personal friend, one that I have had an opportunity to spend time with. She is a midwest girl from Ohio and is one of the women that you just want to hang out with.  She is cool, not pretentious, doesn’t resonate […]

October 2011 – Gina Ostarly

DRIVING AMBITION! (Most of you know that being Joey Douglas means being around some of the most beautiful and inspirational women in the world.  That is what is all about!  It is not often that I am held speechless in the presence of a woman or a man.  I am at heart a country […]

September 2011 – Against All Odds… The Jodi Lynn Story

(If you follow KAW each month you know that I like to have fun, joke around and celebrate these women who are doing extraordinary things in their life.  This month however, I want to introduce you to someone I know personally.  Yes she is beautiful, as Lee says the pictures tell that story.  But there […]

August 2011 – Willow Koerber

(Let me make this clear, I LOVE Willow Koerber, I am IN LOVE with Willow Koerber, and no, I have not yet met her in person, and yes, I know she is a soon to be mom and in love with another man.  But, I ride mountain bikes myself, and when you read this interview […]

July 2011 – Jackie Otto

(I have the best job in the world.  I get to be Joey Douglas! Job description – Find the ass-kickingest female athletes who are role models and inspirational for both men and women and more beautiful than the cigarette smoking, bone thin celebrities that grace the covers of popular magazines!  One of the requirements to […]

June 2011 – Raechelle Chase

The first time I spoke to Raechelle Chase I was amazed. Not at her beauty, I had seen her many times in magazines and and online. I KNEW how beautiful she was. No, I was amazed at her friendliness! Even though she was on the other side of the world and we were “skyping”, I […]

May 2011 – Laura London

Everyone knows I get a great deal of inspiration from KickAss Women athletes.  But this month’s KickAss Woman is far more than inspirational! Laura London exploded onto the scene only a year ago and has already created quite a name for herself.  Not just because she is in amazing shape and absolutely gorgeous, but also […]

April 2011 – Taryn Shea Loughran

This February, had its first PhotoPalooza in Pompano Beach Fla.  When I put the call Jodi Lynn hooked me up with Taryn Shea Loughran.  When Taryn and I first spoke on the phone, I couldn’t believe how sweet she was!  I thought the Leduc, Alberta native sounded like the traditional girl next door you […]

February 2011 – Candyce Graham

This month’s KickAss Woman is a little different in one way.  I have not really known her that long.  One of my rules with is that I get to know the women to ensure that they are KAW types, meaning they not only kick ass, but are also super cool!!  Well, it just didn’t […]

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