April 2010 – Kristy Lee Wilson

Have you ever met someone and were so in awe of them that you couldn’t believe you were even talking to them?  And then, on top of that, they turn out to be humble and a little shy even?  Well this month’s Kick Ass Woman fits this description to a T!!!  When speaking to Kristy I told […]

March 2010 – Maleah Bataoel, Fitness Model

I first “met” Maleah on Facebook, when after we friended each other, I left a funny comment in response to one of her funny comments, and we had an entire back and forth.  I could tell she was cool because I LOVE girls with a sense of humor!!  (Unfortunately, mine does not always sound right […]

January 2010 – Michele Morland, Bikini Competitor and Model

When I meet a woman with Michele Morland’s classic beauty, I honestly don’t expect them to give me the time of day.  The unusual thing about Michele is that she is so down to earth and cool that f I were not looking at her I wouldn’t realize that she is one of the hottest […]

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