Casting Call for Reality TV show NYC

Casting Amateur Female Bodybuilders, Physique, Figure and Bikini competitors — Reality TV Show (In Development)   Company: Imagination PLUM, LLC We are casting amateur female bodybuilders, physique, figure and bikini competitors who look between the ages of 18 and 40, all ethnicities. You must be passionate about your sport/hobby and open to letting TV audiences […]

Kianna Choi – ‘Location, Location,Location’

  In addition to our features on women inside the fitness industry we are also going to be looking at inspiring women in other industries too, so with that in mind this month we are dedicating the industry slot to Kianna Choi, Vice President of Bond Real Estate in NYC. They say in real estate […]

Dana Carmont brings her style to the USA!

Dana Carmont is a name that is about to become very familiar to you all as she has just joined Kick Ass Women as an official sponsor! Check out our announcement on site now and meanwhile read on to find out more about her highly successful business and her plans for the future…. First of […]

Spray Tanning with Heidi Zeiss

This month’s Industry Woman of the Month is probably one of the most important women behind the scenes at a bodybuilding show…Heidi Zeiss. When it comes to spray tanning she really is the woman with the golden gun, making sure every competitor has just the right color and depth of tan to look dynamic on […]


Flick through the pages of any muscle/fitness magazine or peruse the pages of any similarly orientated web site and you are sure to be faced with a plethora of protein ads and pictures of athletes singing the praises of the ‘magic powder’ in question. However, have you noticed that most of these sales pitches have […]

Elise Firestone – The Cosmetic Magician!

Many of you reading this will be very familiar with the name Elise Firestone as she is fast becoming known as one of our sports leading entrepreneurs. From her days as a competitive dancer and her work as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor through to her career in both figure and bikini, Elise has […]

Ahlyse Seon Interview – March 17, 2010

I recently met Ahlyse Seon on Facebook and immediately found her to be fascinating.  First of all, she is totally professional in that she emailed me regarding the interview and followed up PRECISELY on everthing I asked her to do to help me put it together.  She truly is top class!  She also is very […]

Interview with Brian Moss, Female Fitness and Muscle Photographer

Interview with Brian Moss, Female Fitness and Muscle Photographer February 2010 1.   You are one of the premier fitness photographers in the industry. How long have you been at it? I sold Better Bodies [] in 1997, and I picked up a camera shortly thereafter, so I’ve been shooting for a little over ten years. 2.   […]

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